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Should I Use Direct Mail?

Let’s get one fact stated here are the beginning, according to the Direct Marketing Association Statistical Fact Book, direct mail circulation decreases by 1.9% each year.

As we know the entire world has become reliant on communicating via digital methods. Today mail — and by extension, direct mail, is being used less frequently. This is the primary reason why direct mail is still vital. With ANY marketing today there is a chance some will be tuned out.

But compare the crowded online space and frequent use of ad blockers to direct mail marketing. Direct Mail in general man not be utilized by as many businesses — any direct mail advertisement will stand out much more. For instance, you might get a few hundred emails a day, but less contact via traditional mail.

Which medium is more likely to get you noticed?


Use Direct Mail to Complement Other Marketing

Direct mail by itself is only as good as the infrastructure that supports the medium. If direct mail is overused the result are increased costs and decreased response rates. Not bombarding your audience with direct mail can create a increase customer loyalty and spending. Savvy use of direct mail marketing  can take your business to the next level. Direct mail cannot and should work in a silo. Using the data from direct mail programs and incorporate these in your online marketing mix; your website, social media platforms and video. This will provide a complete picture of the customer’s journey.

The information you gain about prospects and customers through digital marketing should be directly applied to your direct marketing efforts. Direct mail can feed your other channels; a purchase triggered by direct mail enables you to use other marketing avenues to sell additional products to a satisfied consumer.

Much like email marketing or social media marketing, direct mail marketing is just one part of an integrated marketing campaign.

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